Do The Cool Kids Still Say Fly?

Do The Cool Kids Still Say Fly?


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I built and maintained a Django website for our homeschool co-op for years. Started out on a $10/month VPS somewhere (I can't even remember where), and bounced it around to different providers, then to GKE, and finally to Digital Ocean Managed Kubernetes. DO's Kubernetes was super-stable, after I set it up I basically never had to touch it, and it ran well for over 2 years. All our kids are graduated now, so the co-op decided they wanted to use a different solution. I took this as an opportunity to move my hosted stuff out of DO and try out

I listen to a lot of Elixir podcasts and Fly supports one of them directly. I have to say it is a breath of fresh air after wrestling with k8s. I need k8s at my job, so I use it there every day. Having to use it for personal stuff, when I just want to throw a PoC up on the Internet, just adds friction.

Their free tier is quite generous. For my Elixir apps (including HiHat, which is probably how you are reading this post), the old blog I keep running from my daughter's cancer journey, and an HA-enabled (replicated) Pg instance, I'm still in the "free" zone. Though I would gladly pay them money and eventually probably will.

So here's a solid ๐Ÿ‘ for

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